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Motorcycle Lessons in Bridgend | Pass Your Bike Test

Riding the open road on a powerful bike is a wonderful experience, freedom, exhilaration, accomplishment. But there is a lot to learn and on a motorbike, you are so much more vulnerable that when driving a car on relatively narrow and crowded British (and Welsh) roads.

Learning to ride a bike with the help of fully qualified and experienced instructors really is the best way to go. We specialise in helping people to really learn to ride properly, safely, and get the most fun they possibly can from their bike.

Call us for an informal discussion and a free trial lesson. We will assess where you are at the moment and plan out the best solution to get you through your bike test and beyond.

Safe Biking For Life

Our goal isn't simply to get you through your bike test (of course we do that as well). We want to be sure that you get to learn a skill that will stay with you for as long as you want to continue riding a bike. Call or email us today and we'll get you on the road as quickly as we possibly can.

What is the UK Motorbike Test all About?

The UK practical motorcycle tests consist of a practical test of two modules. To first ride on the road, a candidate must complete Compulsory Basic Training, however, there is no test at this stage.

To pass the practical motorcycle test candidates need to pass its two separate modules within two years of passing their motorcycle theory test. Candidates will be supplied with a LAM-approved motorbike if they don't supply their own.

Module 1: off-road manoeuvres

Module 1 takes approximately 20 minutes and is conducted in a safe off-road area. It consists of:

  • wheeling the moped or motorcycle and using the stand
  • riding a slalom and figure of 8
  • a slow ride
  • a U-turn
  • cornering and controlled stop
  • cornering and the emergency stop
  • cornering and hazard avoidance

The minimum speed for the hazard avoidance and emergency stop exercises are 19 mph (30 kph) for mopeds and 32 mph (50 kph) for motorcycles.

Course layouts are variable and depend on the testing location. Cones are used to mark hazards and turning points.

Module 2: on-road riding

The second module is the on-road test, but also includes an eyesight test and safety questions as well as road riding.

Motorcycle Eyesight test

The candidate must read a number plate on a parked vehicle 20m away. Failure at this point means the test is cancelled.

Safety questions

The examiner will ask the candidate several safety questions (there is no prescribed number).

Road riding

The candidate will be in contact with the examiner using a radio and must complete normal stops, angle starts (pulling out from behind a vehicle) and a hill start.

Independent riding

The candidate is given an approximate location to navigate to and the examiner follows, observing the ride. The candidate is not tested on whether he or she arrives at the intended destination, only the quality of riding. The candidate must follow the traffic signs and road rules.

If the candidate passes, the examiner will give instructions on how to change the provisional licence to a full one for that class of motorcycle.

Motorcycle Licence Categories

As of 2013 there are currently 4 different motorcycle licenses that are obtainable dependent on age, these are as follows;

  • AM (moped licence) - Available to those over 16 years of age, successful completion of the AM test allows the licence holder to ride a moped of no more than 50cc in engine size and capable of producing no more than 4KW in power.
  • A1 light motorcycle licence - Available to those over 17 years of age, successful completion of the A1 test allows the licence holder to ride any motorcycle of no more than 125cc and of 11kw in power.
  • A2 restricted motorcycle licence - Available to those over 19 years of age, successful completion of the A2 test allows the licence holder to ride any motorcycle not exceeding 35kw in power, under this licence more powerful motorcycles may be ridden, however they must be restricted to 35kw.[4]
  • Category A (full) unrestricted motorcycle licence - Available to those aged 21-23 years of age via completion of the A2 licence and waiting two years whereupon they will then become eligible to take the Category A test. Or directly available to those over 24 years of age upon passing the category A test. Successful completion of this test allows the licence holder to ride any motorcycle of any engine size with no power restrictions.

All tests must be completed on motorcycles relevant to the engine size and power restrictions of the licence being applied for.

The Module 1 and 2 tests are identical for all licencing categories, the only difference being the vehicle that must be used in each test and, for AM, the speed required in certain manoeuvres. All test categories may be completed on either geared or automatic motorcycles. Completion of the tests on geared motorcycles allows the licence holder to ride either geared or automatic bikes, whereas completion of the test on automatic bikes restricts the licence holder to automatic motorcycles only.

Pillion entitlement and motorway access are also gained upon successful completion of any of the four licence categories.

DVSA publishes Routes to your motorcycle licence which explains the options for different classes of motorcycle licence at different ages.

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